US Adjustable Hinge Inc.

Makes A Good Installation Perfect!

All of our hinges include grease fittings with ball bearing, stainless shafts, upper and lower set screws, washers and adjustment nuts. All hinges feature 1" of vertical adjustment and 2" (1" in or out per hinge) of horizontal adjustment, and Super Deluxe hinges also have 3/4" of lateral (forward/backward) adjustment on the gate post. Hinge capacity per pair is 250lbs

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This is our Basic hinge, weld-on installation. If you're used to the conventional style of hinge, you should have no problem with this hinge.

Super Deluxe Weld-On

Our Deluxe Weld-On hinge features a mounting plate with four threaded studs, which is welded to the gate post. The hinge is then affixed to the plate. This setup allows for 3/4" of adjustment forward and back on the post, in addition to the 1" vertical and 2" horizontal adjustment featured on our Basic hinge

Super Deluxe Bolt-On

This Hinge is identical to the Deluxe Weld-On hinge, but requires four holes drilled and tapped into the gate post. The hige is then bolted on to the post, and the plate allows 3/4" of forward or backward adjustment. This hinge is best suited for those who do not wish to weld.