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US Adjustable Hinge Co. is proud to present the first fully-adjustable gate pivot. Our (patent-pending) product offers all the same features as current pivots on the market; stainless shaft, grease fitting; where our product differs is in its full vertical/horizontal/lateral adjustment options. With our pivot, a gate can be mounted and then further adjusted for perfect alignment.

We know that no matter how many times you measure, no one can guarantee that the weight of the gate won’t cause a misalignment once the jacks are removed; with over 20 years of family experience in the business I’ve seen it before, and up until now the only way to get a perfect alignment would be to remove the pivots and re-weld them in place. Even so, after enough use the pivots will begin to wear, causing the gates to have an unsightly sag.

Fortunately, our product has a solution; We’ve added horizontal adjustment to our pivot. As you can see in the product images, rather than welding the pivot to the gate, a hole is drilled and the horizontal thread is inserted. The adjustment nuts on the thread allow the installer to take in or let out any sag the gate may have until the gates are perfectly level, and to make these adjustments AFTER the gates have been hung without the need to remove and re-weld any pivots. Should the gates be level but out of alignment, our vertical adjustment allows the gates to be raised or lowered. And on our Deluxe Model, we have added the ability to shift the pivots forward or back on the mounting post.

Our pivots are perfect for new gate installations, but work just as well as replacements on existing gates. During testing, we installed these pivots on the entrance and exit gates to a community property. The gates were under very heavy use and the original pivots had nearly broken off. Once installed and adjusted, the gates looked good as new. And remember that problem with sag forming as the pivots age? After some time, these gates started to sag towards the middle; a couple of turns of a wrench, and back to perfection.

Please see our Gallery to view product images as well as images of past installations. More technical specs are available on the Products page.